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When Collin asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I suggested if he can make me 10-course homemade dinner and he agreed to it. My birthday is December, but it was on weekend last year and he had to work. So, the dinner date was set on a weekday.

The course was planned as tapas style, so no main dish, and included some that I liked in the past when he made.

1st course: Quinoa chickpea pave with Coleslaw

He made this one in the previous month. As a part of 10-course meal, each one was too big! 🙂

2nd course: Smoked salmon wonton

3rd course: Marinated eggplant

I basically like eggplant, and after I ate marinated eggplant at Fishworks and Bao Bei, I told him I liked them and I can eat them every day. So, he sometimes makes some for me, and this time wasn’t exception. 🙂

4th course: Prosciutto wrapped chicken with Parsnip purée

5th course: Wonton soup

He made won ton soup in the past and I liked them, too. But this time, he put some unique spice, and I didn’t like so much. 😦

6th course: Scallop with butternut squash and bacon

7th course: Prawn cream cheese cannelloni with Rose sauce

8th course: Spicy green beans and cashew pork

As I liked the green beans dish that he made before, I requested the one. This was so spicy and I ended up having him eat some.

9th course: Apricot rum poached pear marshmallow soup (It was supposed to be two desserts, but we were full so he changed the menu at last minute.)

So, this is a hot soup. Because of that, marshmallows were melting in the soup. Mm, so good!

The dishes were served a bit too fast (because I’m slow eater!). I kept eating, sometimes having two or three plates in front of me, for 2 hours or so. I thought my stomach was going to explode! 😀

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I asked Collin to make Won Ton Soup, as I watched a TV show. He used Won Ton wrapper to make dumpling. The filling included many ingredients, including ground ginger. He also added some chopped veggies in the soup.

The broth was just right, not too salty not too watery, and the taste was so good.

Won Ton Soup

If he can make for me, I don’t need to eat them out. 🙂


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After walking and shopping in downtown Victoria, we went to Fan Tan Cafe for snack, although we weren’t so hungry, because we liked their won ton soup last twice visits.

The cafe is a Cantonese Chinese casual restaurant, and they are located near Fan Tan alley.

We ordered from their regular menu.

Small Won Ton Soup

Won Ton Soup at Fan Tan Cafe in Victoria

Won Ton Soup at Fan Tan Cafe in Victoria

Um, did the owner change? We both thought the soup tasted differently than last time. Looking back past pictures of last year and two years ago, the color of the soup is getting lighter! :O

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Fan Tan Cafe in Victoria

Address: 549 Fisgard Street, Victoria B.C. (map)
(Near Fan Tan alley in Chinatown)
TEL: 250-383-1611
Facebook: page

11:00 – 22:00 daily, serving dim sum up to 18:00.

Price Note
– Small Won Ton Soup $3.00

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