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That was a depressing day. I can’t remember why, maybe Collin and I had a fight, or something happened at work, but anyways, he decided to make a nice dinner for the day.

When he came back from shopping, he was so excited, because he got huge fresh rainbow trout. I believe they were from Whole Foods. Each of us got served one whole fish to eat.

Grilled Rainbow Trout with Broccolini & Tomato Salad

When I saw the dish, I was so surprised with how huge it was! The fish didn’t fit even in the plate. Of course, I ate them all. 🙂

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Collin and I sometimes watch the TV show called Chopped. And one day, I asked him what if I choose ingredients in a mystery box and you cook. He said “yeah!” Well, there is no one chopped, though.

It’s been a while since the last challenge. This is the 7th one. I asked him to use ingredients we had in the house and also to buy some ingredients.

Ingredients for Appetizer:

  • Eggplant, and
  • Oranges

Ingredients for Main dish:

  • Beef, and
  • Celery, and
  • Tomatoes or Red Grapes

Both need to be cooked within one hour. He can use whatever in cupboard or fridge.


Here are outcomes of his cooking. He plated both in one plate.

Appetizer: Eggplant marinated in home-made Orange Ponzu sauce

Main dish: Hamburger on toasted Ciabatta with Apple, Celery and Grape Remulade


Generally speaking, I like marinated eggplant. Maybe, the ingredients for appetizer were too easy for him to make something. 🙂 Hamburger might be a bit dry? But the remulade sauce was too good.


Verdict: Where is the one for lunch? No? So sad… 😛

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I don’t remember what was exactly, but Collin and I talked about seafood dishes, like I like this, that should be blah, what if you do this, etc., etc. And, he said he wanted to make duo dishes and liked me to compare them. Well, I’m his guinea pig. 😛

Left: Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops
Right: Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Duo: Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops, Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops

Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Scallops were perfectly cooked, and risotto was right-seasoned and tasted good. My halibut was little overcooked, compared to his, but still it was well-seasoned and tasted good. Veggies were a bit sour for me by tomatoes.

So, I would say Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops won!

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