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On Collin’s day off, I asked him to make seafood spaghetti for dinner. In my mind, I pictured spaghetti with white cream sauce, yet he made tomato sauce. Well, as long as it tastes good, I don’t mind eating either one.

For seafood, he got tiger prawns and scallops, and sweet corn to add in the tomato sauce.

Seafood Spaghetti with Sweet Corn Tomato Sauce

Seafood Spaghetti with Sweet Corn Tomato Sauce

There were no pictures, but he made chilli or minestrone really spicy last a few times, and I couldn’t eat much. So, I asked not to make spicy at all, which was the one of the reason that he added corn. 🙂

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Collin made a lot of tomato sauce at the last chopped challenge, so I asked if he can make something for my birthday with them. He gave me some idea, such as lasagna, but I wanted something else. I gave an idea, Pizza.

He made six pizza with different toppings.

Tomato and Oregano, Pepperoni, Cheese and Oregano, Ham, Green Pepper and Mushrooms, and Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Mushrooms

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Collin and I sometimes watch the TV show called Chopped. And one day, I asked him what if I choose ingredients in a mystery box and you cook. He said “yeah!” Well, there is no one chopped, though.

This is the 5th challenge. I bought these ingredients. He bought some accompaniments.

Ingredients for Appetizer:

  • Smoked Salmon, and
  • Fennel, and
  • Ciabatta

Ingredients for Main dish:

  • Ground Pork and Beef, and
  • Broccolini, and
  • Clamato Juice (A small can that sits for long time)

Both need to be cooked within one hour. He can use whatever in cupboard or fridge.


Here are outcomes of his cooking.

Appetizer: Open faced ciabatta with onion fennel relish, smoked salmon lox, goat cheese and lemon

Fennel was cooked slowly for long time with onions so that it was soft and sweet. I think dripping some lemon juice on smoked salmon would make taste better.

Main dish: Rotini with Clamato tomato sauce, organic broccolini, fontina cheese and meatballs

Tomato sauce was just right with slight spiciness, it added to a pan for meatballs a little by little so that meatballs were tasty. Cheese on top wasn’t covered (or melted) well. I didn’t taste Clamato, but was the spiciness coming from the juice?


Verdict: He survived! I will give him a harder challenge next time. 😛 Oh, what is he going to do with the full of tomato sauce in the pot?!

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