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I don’t remember what was exactly, but Collin and I talked about seafood dishes, like I like this, that should be blah, what if you do this, etc., etc. And, he said he wanted to make duo dishes and liked me to compare them. Well, I’m his guinea pig. 😛

Left: Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops
Right: Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Duo: Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops, Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops

Halibut & Spicy Veggies and Cashew

Scallops were perfectly cooked, and risotto was right-seasoned and tasted good. My halibut was little overcooked, compared to his, but still it was well-seasoned and tasted good. Veggies were a bit sour for me by tomatoes.

So, I would say Mushroom Risotto & Pan-seared Scallops won!

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I got Shimeji mushrooms and bought chicken. What do I want to eat? Japanese comfy food, cooked rice with those, Takikomi Go-han. I don’t know what the right translation is.

When you cook rice, you add those meat and veggies and season before starting cooking.

The recipe is from someone’s blog site. Depending on recipe, ingredients that you use are different. This time, I followed the recipe, using chicken, Shimeji mushrooms, and deep-fried bean curd.

*You need a rice cooker for this recipe.

[Ingredients] (for 3-5 serves)

– Japanese or California Short Rice (raw) 2 cup
– Chicken thigh without bone 100g
– a) Soy sauce 1 teaspoon
– a) Japanese Sake 1 teaspoon
– a) Salt a pinch
Deep-fried bean curd 1 sheet
Shimeji (Buna-Shimeji or Bunapi-Shimeji) 1 pack
– b) Soy sauce 2 table spoons
– b) Japanese Sake 2 table spoons
Dashi powder 1 teaspoon


  1. Cut chicken thigh into 1-cm dice, and mix with ingredients marked as a) above in a bowl. Leave them for at least 10 min. (Skin can be either taken out or left with meat.)
  2. Do Yunuki* for deep-fried bean curd, and cut it into 5-mm thin pieces.
  3. Rinse rice until water is cleared, and drain them.
  4. Remove the bottom part of Shimeji, and separate them into pieces.
  5. Place the drained rice into the bowl for a rice cooker. Add seasoning marked as b) above in the bowl. Add water up to the line for 2-cup of rice. Put seasoned chicken, deep-fried bean curd, and Shimeji on top. Turn on the switch.
  6. Once it’s cooked, wait for 10 min to steam up. Add Dashi powder in the bowl and mix well.
  7. Serve into an individual rice bowl.

*Yunuki is a preparation to remove excess oil and greasy smell from the fried products. You can do it as follows: put it in the strainer and pour boiled water a lot, or boil it in a pot with hot water for 1 to 2 min.

The recipe provider says that you can add greens on top, such as edge-cut green onion, when you serve.

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I had chicken breasts that had to be cooked soon. I hadn’t gone for shopping for a while, and there are limited stuff to cook with. I searched for recipes, and I decided to make cream stew.

I didn’t have enough potatoes, so I used sweet potato and Shimeji mushrooms that left in the veggie box. I used chicken stock powder instead of consomme cube. The recipe is from the Cookpad site.

Cpicon ★やさしい味★クリームシチュー by まみまみまみん (Japanese)

[Ingredients] (my estimate 4-5 serves)

– Potatoes 2 big one (1 potato and 1 sweet potato in my case)
– Carrot 1
– Onion 2 big one (2 middle size one in my case)
– Pork 150g (Chicken in my case)
– Butter 20g
– Flour 2 table spoons
– Water 3 cups
– Milk 1 cup
– Consomme 2 cubes (2 – 2.5 tea spoons in my case)
– Corn Cream 200g (284ml can in my case)
– Oil
– Salt & pepper


  1. Clean and peel veggies. Cut them into bite-size pieces. Cut also pork (cor chicken) into bite-size pieces.
  2. Heat a pot and put the oil to heat. Fry pork (or chicken) until the color changes. Add veggies and cook until the oil is spread.
  3. Add water and consomme cube in the pot and simmer until veggies become soften.
  4. Put butter in microwavable bowl and melt butter by Microwave for 30 second. Add flour in the bowl and mix until it becomes smooth.
  5. Once vegetables are softened, pour some soup into the bowl to dissolve the mixing, and pour them back into the pot.
  6. Add corn cream and milk, and cook for 10 min.
  7. Season with salt and pepper.

The recipe provider says that she uses pressure cooker to make cooking time shorter as well as cutback in electric power.

I used a regular pot. I added more water and milk than the recipe says and cooked longer.

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