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At the same time as my last two cooking, I also made some Takikomi Go-han. There are many various kind of Takikomi Go-han. I made Takenoko Go-han, which you use bamboo shoot.

To make it cook easier, I used bamboo shoot packed in water that you could buy at Asian store. I initially bought it to make another dish for New Year’s Day, but I didn’t feel like cooking those, so I decided to make Takenoko Go-han.

The recipe is from the one of my cooking school textbooks that I got long time ago.

[Ingredients] (serve for 4)
*You need a rice cooker for this recipe.

– Japanese or California Short Rice (raw) 2 cup
– Bamboo shoot boiled in water 120g (You can find one packed with water.)
Deep fried bean curd 2/3 sheet (I used 2 small ones.)
Konbu Dashi 2 and 1/3 cups

Usukuchi soy sauce 2 tablespoons
– Salt 1/3 teaspoon
– Japanese Sake 2 teaspoons
Mirin 2 teaspoons


  1. Rinse rice and drain 30 min prior to cooking.
  2. Cut bamboo shoot into thin 3cm long, and cut deep fried bean curd into 5mm width.
  3. Put the rinsed rice, bamboo shoot, deep fried bean curd in a rice cooker in order, pour Konbu Dashi into it, add seasoningsĀ  and cook.
  4. Once it’s cooked, wait for 10-15 min before open the lid to let it steam.
  5. After steaming, fluff the rice from bottom to top, and serve in a bowl.

I don’t have Usukuchi (thin) soy sauce, so I use regular soy sauce. You might want to use less, but it depends on how you like the taste.

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A few weeks back, my friend brought Bulldog sauce from Japan for Collin and me. That reminded Collin that we could eat Katsu (cutlet) with the sauce at home, which he loves.

He also made veggie spring rolls. Rice noodles were in them, and they were seasoned with his secret spices. Shaved cabbage was served with cutlet, as my request.

Pork Katsu Cutlet, served with veggie spring rolls, shaved cabbage, and Japanese sticky rice

Bulldog sauce hadn’t been poured when this was served, as he put it too much. šŸ˜›

Of course, I couldn’t finish this. I left one of cutlets for next day.

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Although it was raining outside, I had nothing to eat at home for lunch and needed to get something. I was thinking what I wanted to eat, and I decided to go for Chinese.

Congee Noodle King is on Kingsway, walking distance from Joyce Skytrain station.

I ordered to go from their regular menu.

Egg Foo Yung on Steamed Rice

Egg Foo Yung on Steamed Rice at Congee Noodle King in Vancouver

As same as before, the box was huge! The diameter is about 20cm plus.

Egg Foo Yung on Steamed Rice at Congee Noodle King in Vancouver

Egg Foo Yung was a bit different from Japanese version that I pictured, but it was good.

I noted before that do not expect great service or smile, and also their primary language seems like Chinese rather than English. I actually saw their ordering system written in Chinese!

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Congee Noodle King

Address: 3313 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(near Joyce Street)
TEL: 604-435-6670

[Sun – Thu] 9:00 – 1:00
[Fri – Sat] 9:00 – 2:00

Price Note
–Ā Egg Foo Yung on Steamed Rice $7.75
*Cash only

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