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My friend’s birthday was coming up, and she contacted me and our other friend to go out for dinner. The next time when she sent a text was about a restaurant she chose. Alright, we were ready.

When the other friend contacted the Italian restaurant if we can bring cake or not, they said they were not open on that day! :O She contacted the birthday girl about it, and the birthday girl chose another restaurant.

Raga Restaurant is located on Broadway, close enough to Oak street. They seem to serve good East Indian food, based on review sites, so it was good to try.

We decided to order one combo and some other dishes to share among six of us. Oh, I wasn’t familiar with all Indian food names and I kind of gave up on choosing what I wanted, so I was glad that my friends figured out what to order!

Raga Special Combo
(A combo with some BBQ – Tandoori chicken, and some curries – butter chicken, lamb curry, Raga vegetable and dal; served with pulao rice, raita, nan and dessert)

Raga Special Combo at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

Saag Paneer
(Homemade cheese cubes cooked with freshly creamed spinach and Indian spices)

Saag Paneer at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

Bhuna Lamb
(Lamb cooked with fresh tomato, green and red pepper, mushrooms, ground onion, ginger, garlic and Indian spices)

Bhuna Lamb at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

Pulao Rice
(Basmati rice flavoured with clove, black and green cardamom and cinnamon stick, cooked with onion, garden peas and carrots)

Pulao Rice at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

Butter Chicken
(Chicken booked in a butter tomato sauce with cream, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, and other spices)

Butter Chicken at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

Eggplant Bhartha
(Mashed eggplant sauteed with onions and peas, and seasoned with herbs and spices)

Eggplant Bhartha at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

(A soft, fluffy, leavened white flour bread)

Nan at Raga Restaurant in Vancouver

What I liked most in those dishes was dal (lentil curry?) in the combo. And, what I didn’t like was rice. I guess one of the spices or ingredients was not my thing.

On their site, my friend found a coupon as a promotion. We printed out and brought it, and we got $7 discount.

After dinner, it was time for cake. My friend bought one from Port Moody! Detail about the cake? It will come in the next post.

Raga Restaurant

Address: 1177 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Between Alder and Spruce street)
TEL: 604-733-1127

Unknown hours

Price Note
– Raga Special Combo $21.95
– Saag Paneer $12.95
– Bhuna Lamb $14.95
– Pulao Rice $4.50
– Butter Chicken $14.95
– Eggplant Bhartha $12.95
– Nan $2.25 times 6
– Pepsi $1.95
– Chai Tea $2.50 times 3
*Discount with a coupon $7.00

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