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When he asked me what he should cook, I said that I wanted him to use whatever left in the fridge. So, he just bought small piece of chicken breast and some cheese.

He made a good one, Chicken Veggie Hash with Three cheese Quiche & Arugula Salad. I don’t really know what is difference between Quiche and omelet, but he said it was Quiche.

Chicken veggie hash was so good. Quiche was good as omelet, and I think it is better with pie crust.


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We got a lot of cooked turkey breast and I needed to make something to eat. I don’t have a lot of ideas, so I decided to make a simple Ome-rice (Omelette rice) with turkey.

Ome-rice is scrambled eggs on top of ketchup rice.

Not really recipe, but here if you need.

1 turkey breast and half onion for 2 serves of rice. You might like to add green pepper as well.

I just chopped turkey breast and onion. Fry the meat and veggies, season with salt and pepper. Add cooked rice (leftover one is better) and fry them all quickly. Add ketchup as it turns red.

Beat eggs. Heat another frying pan and add oil. Once it’s hot, add beaten eggs and scramble in the middle. (Do not make them in pieces.) When it’s half cooked, turn the heat off.

Plate the rice and slide the eggs onto the rice. Decorate with ketchup on the eggs.

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Collin and I went to Bamboo cafe, close to Joyce Skytrain station, for late lunch.

We ordered from their breakfast menu. (Available until 15:00 daily)

Bamboo Bagel-wich (Toasted bagel with crisp bacon, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, lettuce and tomatoes)

Bamboo Bagel-wich at Bamboo Cafe in Vancouver

My choice, Bamboo Omelette (Sauteed mushrooms folded with melted cheese, 2 pieces of crisp bacon and toast)

Bamboo Omelette with mushroom at Bamboo Cafe in Vancouver

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Bamboo Cafe

Address: 5103 Joyce Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(In front of Joyce Sky train station, at the corner of Vanness avenue)
TEL: 604-431-8544
Facebook: page

[Mon – Wed] 6:00 – 23:00
[Thu – Fri] 6:00 – 0:00
[Sat] 8:00 – 0:00
[Sun] 9:00 – 22:00

Price Note
– Bamboo Bagel-wich $5.50
– Bamboo Omelette $7.25

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