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It was after 2:30pm, and I needed to grab some lunch in short time. The restaurant caught me on the other day, so I just walked in for the first time. Cafe Evergreen Sayaka is a Japanese style European fusion cuisine on Kingsway.

I ordered food from their regular menu. I asked if they have coffee because there wasn’t in the menu, and the server said there were only special ones, such as cappuccino, but no regular coffee.


Americano at Cafe Evergreen Sayaka in Vancouver

When the drink came, I asked for milk and he put a bottle saying they had no milk but sugar. :O
I said that I didn’t need sugar but wanted milk, and he responded that he thought they might have 2% milk, so I nodded and said that’s good!

However, when a milk bottle came and I was trying to pour some, the bottle mouth was covered with green mold. Ew… (The bottle was so the lid cannot be widely opened and you can open as if it’s a bird’s beak. So, if I wasn’t careful to look, I couldn’t see the mold.)
I was going to say something, but he was back in the kitchen and didn’t show up in front for next 10 min or so, and I felt disgusted to eat food. Well, I stayed, as I had already ordered…
Of course, I told him when he showed up that I couldn’t drink my Americano for the reason.

Chicken Doria Omurice

Chicken Doria Omurice at Cafe Evergreen Sayaka in Vancouver

This was unexpected one. I didn’t imagine that actual omlet rice was inside Doria. 😀

Chicken Doria Omurice at Cafe Evergreen Sayaka in Vancouver

Chicken Doria Omurice at Cafe Evergreen Sayaka in Vancouver

Cafe Evergreen Sayaka

Address: 2-3337 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(near Joyce Street)
TEL: 778-706-7738

[Sun – Thu] 12:00 – 21:00
[Fri – Sat] 12:00 – 0:00

Price Note
– Chicken Doria Omurice $9.00

### This place is closed in 2012.

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We got a lot of cooked turkey breast and I needed to make something to eat. I don’t have a lot of ideas, so I decided to make a simple Ome-rice (Omelette rice) with turkey.

Ome-rice is scrambled eggs on top of ketchup rice.

Not really recipe, but here if you need.

1 turkey breast and half onion for 2 serves of rice. You might like to add green pepper as well.

I just chopped turkey breast and onion. Fry the meat and veggies, season with salt and pepper. Add cooked rice (leftover one is better) and fry them all quickly. Add ketchup as it turns red.

Beat eggs. Heat another frying pan and add oil. Once it’s hot, add beaten eggs and scramble in the middle. (Do not make them in pieces.) When it’s half cooked, turn the heat off.

Plate the rice and slide the eggs onto the rice. Decorate with ketchup on the eggs.

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This was a meal in Japan Airlines for dinner last year, from Japan to Canada.

The main was omelet with chicken ketchup fried rice.

Meal in JAL

JAL (Japan Airlines)

Meal sample of In-flight service
Contact in USA & Canada

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