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I went on hiking on one weekend again, and I had no idea for a lunch place in North and West Vancouver. I saw a post on Facebook from a restaurant downtown the night before, which they started serving cold Udon noodles. So, I decided to go there, although it was almost 5pm and late for lunch.

Sushi Zero One is in a walking distance from Waterfront station.

I ordered from their new cold Udon menu.

Cold Yamakake Udon
(Yamakake (grated mountain yam), Okura, Wakame seaweed, and green onion on top)

Cold Yamakake Udon at Sushi Zero One in Vancouver

There are mini, large, or mega sizes to choose. This is regular one.

When I told them that Okura tasted strange, not only did they offer another cup of Okura, but they also offer to make a whole thing as new. I asked just remove ones in the bowl.

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Sushi Zero One

Address: 559 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Between Seymour and Richards streets, in front of a bus stop)
TEL: 604-605-1625
Facebook: page
Twitter: @sushizeroone

[Mon – Thu] 11:00 – 21:00
[Fri] 11:00 – 21:30
[Sat] 12:00 – 21:30
[Sun] 12:00 – 20:00
*Holidays: closed

Price Note
– Cold Yamakake Udon $6.30

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You know Goma-ae, which means dress with sesame. (It doesn’t have to do with spinach.) This is Katsuo-bushi-ae, which means dress with bonito flakes.

Some people say they are too fishy, and the other people say they are weird, because they wiggle if they are on top of something hot.

I made Okura Katsuo-bushi-ae. If you don’t want to try bonito flakes, use sesame. The taste wouldn’t go bad.

Not really a recipe…

Boil some water in pot. Rinse Okura and cook them in the hot water for a few minutes. Once they’re cooked, drain and wash with cold water. Cut the ends of each Okura off, and cut them into 3-5 mm width. Put them into a bowl, pour one table spoon of Japanese Sake, and mix. Season with soy sauce little and mix. Add bonito flakes and mix again, and adjust saltiness with soy sauce a little bit more.

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I wanted to eat sticky Sushi Donburi (bowl with raw fish on top of rice). All I imagined was Maguro Okura Natto Don at Sushi Zero One. But there isn’t any good restaurant where I can take out in my neighbor, so I decided to make one myself. 🙂

All you need is Sashimi and cooked rice.


– Sashimi 5 slices
– Okura 5
– Bonito flakes some
– Wasabi 1/2 teaspoon
– Soy sauce for both Sashimi and Okura
– Japanese Sake 1/2 teaspoon
– Cooked rice (or Sushi rice)


  1. Make rice. Boil water and put Okura in.
  2. Drain Okura in a few minutes and slice them into 5 mm thick. Mix them with soy sauce. Add bonito flakes and Japanese Sake, if you like.
  3. Cut Sashimi into chunk. Mix Wasabi and soy sauce in a small bowl and put chunk of Sashimi in and mix and let them soak.
  4. Put cooked rice into a big bowl. Place soaked chunk of Sashimi and mixed Okura on the rice.

I used Shiso leaf and julienned Daikon radish come with Sashimi, as garnish for my bowl. Both are very good for your heath. Don’t waste.

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