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As I wrote, Collin and I went to De Dutch for the weekend brunch. After we paid, I looked at the receipt, there was an interesting statement written.

“Enjoy a LEONIDAS fresh Belgian Chocolate absolutely FREE today, on per receipt. Also 15% discount on everything, including flown in fresh French pastries & chocolates.”

I asked Collin right away what Leonidas means. He said it must be a store name. I wondered where the store was, and while we were walking back to Canada Place street along Convention Centre, I saw the name! It was a tiny cafe & store at Coal Harbour for chocolates or stuff.

We went inside and showed the receipt, and I got a piece of chocolate for free. It was, I believe, hazelnut chocolate. This piece was quite big. I forgot to take a picture of the showcase, but there were a lot of kinds of chocolate pieces. Also, there were macarons, too.

A piece of Chocolate

A piece of Chocolate at Leonidas in Vancouver

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes at Leonidas in Vancouver

Belgian Hot Chocolate Small

Belgian Hot Chocolate Small at Leonidas in Vancouver

Collin ordered this hot chocolate, as he didn’t want to leave the cafe without buying anything. The hot chocolate was quite sweet.

I added this place to my list for gift occasion.

(Pictures taken by iPhone)


Address: #29 – 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Walk towards the blue raindrop object at Convention Centre)
TEL: 604-647-7559
Facebook: page
Twitter: @LeonidasChocola
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Fri] 10:00 – 18:30
[Sat] 10:00 – 18:00
[Sun & Holidays] 11:00 – 18:00


Menu at Leonidas in Vancouver

Price Note
– Belgian Hot Chocolate Small $3.95

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In the early June, my friend’s birthday was coming up, and a common friend asked me where we got cake from. I was searching for new bakery stores in Vancouver and found this place. I had never been the store, so I was trying to get more information. At the same time, I looked at the Farmer’s Market website for some specific vegetables that I was looking for, and I saw their name in the list! Good timing!

So, on the following weekend, I went to the Farmer’s Market and asked a few questions about the birthday cake (but individual cake) to the owner of French Made Baking. Anyways, I was interested in tasting their products and got some of them.

Showcase at the booth

Showcase at the booth at French Made Baking at Farmer's Market

Showcase at the booth at French Made Baking at Farmer's Market

Butter Croissant and Chocolate Croissant

Butter Croissant and Chocolate Croissant at French Made Baking at Farmer's Market

This butter croissant was not my taste, because it was a bit sweet. Both of them were soft rather than crispy.

Caneles de Bordeaux and Madeleines

Caneles de Bordeaux and Madeleines at French Made Baking at Farmer's Market

I had never heard about canele, so just for my curiosity, I got one. It has strange texture, which seems normal, according to my friend. The outside is sticky and little hard, and the inside is so soft and moist. Madeleines were flavoured with lemon zest and vanilla beans, and these were my favorite of all these that I bought.

For birthday cake, if you want to buy whole, then you need to order in advance. Since we just needed individual cake, the owner said, come early, and we will have more choices. The quantity of each cake will be different daily, so if you know which one, you can call and order, then they will keep if it’s available.

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

French Made Baking

Farmer’s Market: location and date/time
Address: 81 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Close to Broadway)
TEL: 604-558-4880
Facebook: page
Twitter: @FrMadeBaking
Urbanspoon: page

Store Hour
[Mon] 12:00 – 18:30
[Tue – Sat] 10:00 – 18:30
[Sun] 11:00 – 16:30

Market Price Note
– Butter Croissant $2.50
– Chocolate Croissant $3.00
– Caneles de Bordeaux $2.50
– Madeleines $2.50 per pack

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One day, my friend told me that she had afternoon tea tickets that she had bought at Dealfind deal last year. She was going to go with her family but couldn’t have arranged, and the tickets were going to expire soon. So, she invited me and Collin, and our other friend. Originally, the tickets were not valid on Sundays, but because of too many reservations, the hotel accepted Saturdays, too.

Afternoon tea was served at 900 West Lounge at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. When you go into the hotel, you see the lounge in the centre of the hotel. The entrance for Afternoon tea, though, is at the end of the lounge, close to the taxi loop. At the front lounge, you can eat lunch or dinner, listening Jazz music.

Table Settings

Table Settings at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Table Settings at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Tea served

Tea served at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

I chose Fairmont Earl Grey from Sri Lanka. The others chose Versailles Lavender Earl Grey from France and Ice Wine from Sri Lanka.

We were a group of four, so two towers came.

Afternoon Tea Tower

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Top Layer
(Fresh Baked Butter & Raisin Scones, Devonshire Clotted Cream, Homemade Fruit Preserves)

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

The scones were warm, and moist and soft. One of my friend even said that she wanted to buy some if they sell. I agree. Their scones were nicely baked, and the cream tasted good.

Middle Layer
(Sweet Pastries: Raspberry Tarlets, Opera Torte, Charred Lemon Curd, Chocolate Mocha Choux, Macaroons)

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

I was too full to eat these sweets after having scones and sandwiches, so I brought the most of them to home. Even on the next day, they tasted fine.

Bottom Layer
(Tea Sandwiches: Roasted Turkey, Brie, Cranberry Relish, Saffron Pecan Baguette (yellow one), Organic Egg Salad, Cucumber Ribbons (cucumber one), Smoked Salmon, Lemon Mascarpone Pinwheel (brown one), Heirloom Tomato, Crisp Pancetta, Rosemary Focaccia)

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Afternoon Tea at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

For the sandwiches, we all had separate opinions. Some liked salmon, some liked focaccia, etc. To me, they were OK. Some of the bread were dry, which is understandable but a bit disappointing part.

Well, we all enjoyed tea and the food as well as time spent with friends. 🙂

900 West Lounge

Address: 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(In the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver)
TEL: 604-443-1807
Facebook: page (for Fairmont Hotel Vancouver)
Twitter: @FairmontVan (for Fairmont Hotel Vancouver)
Urbanspoon: page
Opentable: reservation?

Afternoon Tea
Daily 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

Afternoon Tea Menu

Afternoon Tea Menu at 900 West Lounge in Vancouver

Price Note
– Afternoon Tea $39.00 per person (With Groupon, $39 for two)

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