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It was another very cold day in the middle of January, yet it looked beautiful outside with blue sky. I went out to get some lunch and get some fresh air.

There are a few choices, and I chose Shiosai Sushi Bar. It is close to Joyce Skytrain station. They have only window counter seats in the restaurant, so I think they expect most people to go.

I ordered from their daily menu to go.

Chirashi (Assorted)
(Sliced fish on Sushi Rice in a bowl)

Chirashi (Assorted) at Shiosai Sushi Bar in Vancouver

Chirashi literarily means scattering or spreading. I have their version of Chirashi for the first time. There were Saba, Toro, Salmon, Daikon pickles, deep-fried Tofu, cucumber, egg omelet, octopus, surf clam, and Tobiko, on top of the rice.

It was good. Nothing special, though.

(Picture taken by iPhone)

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Shiosai Sushi Bar

Address: 5228 Joyce Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(1 block south from Joyce Sky train station, next to Subway)
TEL: 604-436-2565
Urbanspoon: page

[Tue – Sat] 11:00 – 20:00
* Holidays closed

Price Note
– Chirashi (Assorted) $10.50

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For the first weekend brunch this year, we tried a famous brunch place. As we expected, there were a few people waiting. As Collin had to go to work soon later, we looked for another place. While we were walking towards Robson and Burrard, I asked him if this restaurant was OK.

Earls is a chain restaurant in Canada and some places in USA. As far as I know, they used to serve all western food, but it has been changed time to time, and now you can even see Sushi in the menu. The restaurant is in multiple locations, and the place where we went is located at the corner of Hornby and Smithe Street.

We ordered from their brunch menu.


Croque Madame
(Virginia Ham, White Cheddar, Roasted Serrano Cream, House Sourdough)

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

He asked the server the sauce on side for me, because he said it would be spicy, based on the description of the sauce. It was nice of him.

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Whoa, I just saw what I didn’t want to see. I looked at their nutritional info on their site, and this croque madame is over 1,300 calories! Yet, it was sooo good! I liked the bread, crispy crust and soft inside.

The sandwich board outside showed French toast, which looks good. I would try that next time.

(Picture taken by iPhone)

Earls on Hornby

Address: 905 Hornby Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(At the corner of Smithe Street)
TEL: 604-682-6700
Facebook: page (Earls in general: page)
Twitter: @EarlsHornby (Earls in general: @earlsrestaurant)
Urbanspoon: page

[Sun – Thu] 11:30 – 0:00
[Fri – Sat] 11:30 – 1:00


Brunch Menu at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Price Note
– Coffee $3.10
– Croque Madame $13.00

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Collin and I stayed in Whistler on New Year’s night. After ready for riding, we went to Creekside where Creekside Gondola takes you to the Whistler mountain. We decided to have breakfast before we started riding.

Dusty’s is at the bottom of Whistler mountain of Creekside. For breakfast, Dusty’s Backside is open.

We ordered from their breakfast sandwiches menu.

BELT+C with Hash Brown Potatoes 
(bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, whole grain bread)

BELT+C with Hash Brown Potatoes at Dusty's Backside in Whistler

Two seasons ago, hash brown potatoes for the sandwiches menu was an option to add with a cost, but now they are included in the price. With that, the price is slightly up since then.

The sandwiches looked better than before. They tasted good.

(Picture taken by iPhone)

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Dusty’s Backside on Whistler Mountain Creekside

(Dusty’s has two sections; Dusty’s Backside and Dusty’s Bar & BBQ. The former is for breakfast, and the latter is for lunch and dinner or nightclub.)

Address: 2040 London Lane RR 2, Whistler, B.C. (map)
(At the bottom of Whistler mountain Creekside)
TEL: 604-905-2171
Facebook: page
Twitter: @dustys_whistler
Urbanspoon: page

7:00 – 11:00 daily

Price Note
– BELT+C with Hash Brown Potatoes $9.25

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