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On the last weekend in October, I had a plan to meet my hiking friend. It had been almost two months since our last hiking together, as our timing wasn’t met or the weather wasn’t good. This time also, we didn’t go hiking. Instead, we planned to have tea.

As I mentioned a few times before, Sunday isn’t good for going cafe or restaurants. Anyways, the first two places in Gastown where we tried were closed due to Sunday. So, we went to Acme Cafe. It is located on Hastings Street, close to Woodward’s building. They open even between lunch and dinner time, which is great.

We both ordered a piece of pie.

Blueberry Pie with Ice Cream

Blueberry Pie with Ice Cream at Acme Cafe in Vancouver

Lemon Custard Pie

Lemon Custard Pie at Acme Cafe in Vancouver

I looked at the post on my previous visit, and I realized I ate the same thing! Although this lemon pie is good, I would like to try something different next time.

Note that the price is slightly up since the last visit.

(Pictures taken by iPhone)

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Acme Cafe

Address: 51 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Close to Abbott Street)
TEL: 604-569-1022
Facebook: page
Twitter: @Acme_Cafe
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Fri] 8:00 – 21:00
[Sat – Sun, Holidays] 9:00 – 21:00

Price Note
– Latte $3.70
– Tea $2.25
– Blueberry Pie $5.50
– A la mode (ice cream) $1.00
– Lemon Custard Pie $5.50

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My new friends and I had huge breakfast at the restaurant and went hiking. We walked 11 km for 3 hours and a half, and we felt fine but just drained our energy a bit, because we didn’t take a rest much during the time due to the crazy weather; sunny, windy, foggy, rainy, and thunder!

After we left the trail, we decided to have coffee at Caffe Divano in Port Moody. There are more in two other cities. The café is located in a quiet area. They serve baked goods, sandwiches, and soup & salad as well as drinks.

My friends order drinks only, and I ordered caffe latte and scone to share.

Cherry White Chocolate Scone

Cherry White Chocolate Scone at Caffe Divano in Port Moody

Caffe Latte Medium

Caffe Latte Medium at Caffe Divano in Port Moody

The latte was good! The scone was good, too! It was so comfortable sitting there, and we probably stayed for a couple of hours!

(All picture taken by iPhone)

Caffe Divano

Address: #101 – 101 Klahanie Drive, Port Moody, B.C. (map)
(Access from Murray Street)
TEL: 778-355-3304
Facebook: page
Twitter: @caffedivano
Urbanspoon: page

Store Hour
[Mon – Fri] 6:00 – 18:00
[Sat – Sun] 7:00 – 18:00

Price Note
– Caffe Latte Medium $3.79
– Cherry White Chocolate Scone $2.75

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After hiking and having lunch with my friends, I headed to Kitsilano to meet another friend at  last minute, because we needed to buy some baby shower gifts for our common friend. We walked probably for a couple of hours, back and forth on 4th Avenue. It was a hot day, which also drained our energy.

When you tried to find something, you can’t find it, can you? We were looking for a place to sit down like a café, but all we saw were restaurants! We kept walking towards Granville Island, and we decided to go here. Cafe Bica is close to the entrance of Granville Island.

We ordered from their drink menu and showcase.

Strawberry Danish

Strawberry Danish at Cafe Bica in Vancouver

A bottle of Lemonade

A bottle of Lemonade at Cafe Bica in Vancouver

My hungry and thirsty friend had these and seemed quite satisfied. 🙂

Café Latte

Café Latte at Cafe Bica in Vancouver

Compared to Granville Island, you can have a relaxing time here. 🙂

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

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Cafe Bica

Address: 1809 Fir Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Between West 2nd and 3rd Avenue, close to Granville Island)
TEL: 604-733-8818
Facebook: page
Twitter: @cafebica
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Fri] 7:30 – 18:00
[Sat] 9:00 – 17:00
[Sun] 10:00 – 17:00

Price Note
– Strawberry Danish Unknown
– A bottle of Lemonade Unknown
– Café Latte $3.35

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