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I had another craving for grilled fish. 🙂 Grilling fish at home is doable, but it causes smell, which neighbour wouldn’t like, and heat-oven may not work well sometime. Well, I have tried a few times and wished I had a gas-oven.

As usual, I went to Hachibei, an authentic Japanese restaurant, in a South Cambie residence area. The restaurant is really a cozy place.

After I looked at the menu, I asked the server what the today’s fish was. The choices were same as the last time. I told her that I wanted to eat grilled fish, but I ordered the exact same ones at last two visits. She was thinking a bit and suggested black cod.

Black Cod Saikyoyaki Teishoku
(Black Cod marinated with Saikyo Miso, served with rice, Miso soup, and two kinds of daily special dishes)

Black Cod Saikyoyaki Teishoku at Hachibei in Vancouver

Black cod is known as sable fish. The fish was marinated with Saikyo Miso and grilled. As you might have noticed, the small plates come with the Teishoku were exactly same as Today’s BBQ fish Teishoku last time.

(Picture taken by iPhone)

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Address: 778 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Between Willow and Heather street)
TEL: 604-879-3357
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Sat] 17:00 – 21:30
*Closed: Sundays & Holidays

Price Note
– Black Cod Saikyoyaki Teishoku $20.50

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In the middle of June, I went hiking with my friends. As they live in downtown Vancouver, we decided to have lunch somewhere in downtown after that. They gave two choices, Mexican or Japanese. I didn’t feel like eating Mexican, so we went to a Japanese restaurant.

It was Guu Garden. They are located at the corner of Hornby and Nelson street and serve Izakaya menu, i.e., tapas, at night. At the lunch time, they serve Teishoku, combo, or Bento box, in addition to some small dishes.

We ordered from their lunch menu and today’s special.

My choice, Black Cod Combo
(Grilled Saikyo Miso black Cod Combo)

Black Cod Combo at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver

It was good. Nothing special, though. :p

Friend’s choice, Tuna Yukke Don
(Chopped Tuna “Yukke” on rice with half boiled Egg & Ground Sticky Potato)

Tuna Yukke Don at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver

Albacore Tuna Belly Cutlet Combo from the special
(Albacore Tuna Belly Cutlet with Tartar Sauce)

Albacore Tuna Belly Cutlet Combo from the special at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver

My friend, who ordered Yukke Don, had ordered it before, too. So, it must be good.

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

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Kitanoya Guu Garden (Vancouver Downtown)

Address: M101 – 888 Nelson Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(At the corner of Hornby Street)
TEL: 604-899-0855
Facebook: page (accessible only when you login)
Twitter: @GuuIzakaya
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Fri] 11:30 – 14:30
[Sat – Sun, Holiday] 12:00 – 15:00

[Sun – Thu] 17:30 – 0:00
[Fri – Sat, a night before Holiday] 17:30 – 0:30

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver Lunch Menu at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver Lunch Menu at Kitanoya Guu Garden in Vancouver

Price Note
– Black Cod Combo $13.80
– Tuna Yukke Don $10.00
– Albacore Tuna Belly Cutlet Combo $12.00

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That was a depressing day. I can’t remember why, maybe Collin and I had a fight, or something happened at work, but anyways, he decided to make a nice dinner for the day.

When he came back from shopping, he was so excited, because he got huge fresh rainbow trout. I believe they were from Whole Foods. Each of us got served one whole fish to eat.

Grilled Rainbow Trout with Broccolini & Tomato Salad

When I saw the dish, I was so surprised with how huge it was! The fish didn’t fit even in the plate. Of course, I ate them all. 🙂

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