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Collin worked on a day shift and said that he didn’t want to cook that night. He said he could eat this or that, which usually sounds anything is fine. 😀 As I had a gift card given by my boss and had it for a long time as well as there was one open in a new location, I suggested going to this restaurant.

Cactus Club Cafe’s new location is beside Canada Place. When we got there, the waiting time was almost one hour, and Collin said he can’t wait. 😦

Cactus Club Cafe at Coal Harbour

Well, I know there is one on Burrard street, so we went there instead. This location is across from the Burrard Skytrain station.

We ordered from their regular menu.

Signature Caesar 

Signature Caesar at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Signature Sangria
(Spanish cocktail, fresh Strawberries and Raspberries, Zinfandel, Apricot brandy, Sprite and a splash of Bellini)

Signature Sangria at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

I liked this Sangria. And, so did he! He ordered the large one after he finished his caesar.

Crispy Dry Ribs
(Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper)

Crispy Dry Ribs at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

I believe it is supposed to be salty, but it was so salty. It tasted good, but I felt guilty to eat, because of my health. One or two was enough for me.

Large Sangria

Large Sangria at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Fajitas with Cajun Chicken
(Black Beans, Salsa Fresca, grilled Cajun Vegetables)

Fajitas with Cajun Chicken at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Fajitas with Cajun Chicken at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

He seemed to enjoy his Fajitas. He ate them all way faster than I finished mine!

Millionaire’s Cut
(7oz chargrilled Filet Mignon, white wine sauteed creole Jumbo Prawns, buttered Mashed Potatoes, seasonal Vegetables)

Millionaire's Cut at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Oh, this was a huge meal. It totally filled my stomach. It was so good that I couldn’t stop eating.

It is good to have a gift card when you order expensive food, eh? :p

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

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Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Address: 588 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Close to Burrard Skytrain station)
TEL: 604-682-0933
Facebook: page or this branch one’s
Twitter: @cactusclubcafe
Urbanspoon: page

11:00 – late daily

Price Note
– Signature Caesar $7.25
– Signature Sangria $6.75
– Large Sangria $9.25
– Crispy Dry Ribs $10.75
– Fajitas with Cajun Chicken $19.25
– Millionaire’s Cut $37.00

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