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I wasn’t feeling well on and off for quite a while in November, and I was tired of eating light meal. Suddenly, I had a craving for curry, so I decided to get some. Well, I could have made at home, but I was just being lazy. 🙂

I went to ZAC-ZAC Japanese Curry House. They are located in the food court at H-Mart in downtown Vancouver. They are specializing in Japanese curry, but they also have Donburi and Bento box menu.

I ordered from their curry menu to go for me and Collin.

Katsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry

Katsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry at ZAC-ZAC Japanese Curry House in Vancouver

Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) Curry

Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) Curry at ZAC-ZAC Japanese Curry House in Vancouver

Haha, both looked same! Compared to last time, their to-go container has been changed. For the taste? No change, that’s good. The cutlet was crispy even after I took home.

Like last time when I ordered, they asked the spiciness level, mild or regular, and I didn’t remember which level I had chosen before. Mild seems like little sweeter.

It was a weekday evening, and I had a Vancoupon booklet, so I got 5% off. You can get it at locations in the list here.

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ZAC-ZAC Japanese Curry House

Address: 2F 590 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(On the second floor at H-Mart on Seymour street)
TEL: 604-608-2887
Facebook: page
Twitter: @ZAC_ZAC_Curry
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Fri] 11:00 – 20:30
[Sat – Sun] 11:30 – 20:30

(Delivery menu here)

Price Note
– Katsu (Pork Cutlet) Curry $7.98
– Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) Curry $8.48

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One night in September, Collin and I decided to go out for dinner, as he worked hard in the morning and was too tired to cook. It was still nice day continuing, and walking was great to do, heading to the restaurant.

We went to 29th Ave Cafe. They serve Japanese Yoshoku (Japanese-style western food) and are located on Boundary Road. Yoshoku includes cutlet, deep-fries, curry, etc.

We ordered from their menu. I don’t think they ever changed the menu. 🙂

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu)

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) at 29th Avenue Cafe in Vancouver

He already started pouring Bulldog sauce. 😀 He ate chicken cutlet on the previous day, and he still ordered cutlet! :O It shows how much he likes it!

Chicken Cream Korokke (croquette)

Chicken Cream Korokke (croquette) at 29th Avenue Cafe in Vancouver

Well, I can’t blame him, either. I ordered deep-fried as well. I always wanted to try something else but ended up ordering this. It’s that good for me! My mom used to say creamy croquette is difficult to make because the stuff inside would always be popped out.

I like the half size of lettuce head, coming with the fried. We should eat food in a balance, and their entrees consist a great balance of nutrition, in my opinion.

Custard Pudding

Custard Pudding at 29th Avenue Cafe in Vancouver

We both ordered this. I didn’t think he would order, as he actually ate deep-fried prawns as an appetizer before the entree, but he did! (He dug in the fries right away, and I didn’t even have time to take a pic!)

As I always say, this restaurant serves consistent taste every time.

(Pictures taken by iPhone)

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29th Avenue Cafe

Address: 4441 Boundary Road, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(On the curve from Boundary to 29th Ave)
TEL: 604-558-2271
Urbanspoon: page

[Tue – Sat] 17:00 – 21:30
[Sun] 17:00 – 21:00

Price Note
– Cocktail Deep-fried Prawns $6.50
– Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) $10.50
– Chicken Cream Korokke (croquette) $10.50
– Rice $1.00 each
– Custard Pudding $3.00 each

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It was Collin’s cooking day. As I didn’t have any particular food that I wanted to eat, he chose what he wanted to eat.

He made Katsu with chicken, i.e., chicken cutlet. When he makes Katsu, he pounded and make the ingredient so thin, which makes it cook easier and quicker.

Chicken Katsu Cutlet

Chicken Katsu Cutlet

Bulldog sauce was poured when this was served.

I should remind him that I need more cabbage with this amount of meat. He is good at cutting them that thin, so he wouldn’t mind cutting more! :p

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