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A night before Collin and I decided to go to the Christmas Market for the first time, I actually sent a message to my friend if she wanted to join us. Unfortunately, when she read it, it was too late to meet us on time. Anyways, it was a cold day, so I suggested to stay home and we will plan later.

For the following weekend, I was checking the weather in Whistler for skiing, and it said gusting 35-80 km/h. Besides, I was too lazy to exchange my ticket, so I decided to go skiing on Sunday. Well, since I decided my schedule, I sent a message to her and we planned to go to the Christmas Market on Saturday.

Because we met up at 11:30 am, there wasn’t a line-up at all. The weather was also not too bad, either. At least, the raining was stopped by then. (It would be cumbersome by umbrella if it was raining.)

The pictures today were taken on my third visit.

We got some food for lunch.

Grill Bratwurst from Black Forest Meat & Sausages

Grill Bratwurst from Black Forest Meat & Sausages at Christmas Market

I chose this, which Collin chose at the first visit. My friend ordered Hazen on a bun.

While we were eating, I told her if she wanted to see the ornaments in the building we should go right away, as the line-up would be crazy. So, we did. In the building, there were lots of ornaments, nutcrackers, candle stands, incense, etc. The ornament she saw on TV seemed to be sold out, and she took a different color one. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to buy, and when we went back to the rack, that color ones were all gone, too! Now, she was so happy to have held it. 😀 She said she should have come earlier, though. Oh well, if there is something that you would like to have, I recommend to visit earlier, since the market is open in November.

When we got out of the building and looked around booths for gifts, the line-up for the ornaments was growing. We were glad we went there first.

Looking around German gifts, she said it was a dessert time.

Fruit Stick covered by Chocolate from i Love Chocolate

Fruit Stick covered by Chocolate from i Love Chocolate at Christmas Market

What she ordered was strawberries and vanilla cream puff in the stick. The pricing board says Fruit Sticks or Marshmallow Sticks, but there were sticks with fruit AND marshmallow, too. So, I’m not sure how much it was. Once this was given, the chocolate was quickly firmed. I tried some, and it was good.

i Love Chocolate at Christmas Market

Well, I want to go back one more time before Dec 24 and see how it looks like at night!

(Pictures taken by iPhone)

Christmas Market in Vancouver


Menu at i Love Chocolate

Price Note
– Grill Bratwurst $8.55 + tax
– Haxen on a Bun $8.55 + tax
– Fruit Stick covered by Chocolate $6.50

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