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It was Collin’s cooking day. As I didn’t have any particular food that I wanted to eat, he chose what he wanted to eat.

He made Katsu with chicken, i.e., chicken cutlet. When he makes Katsu, he pounded and make the ingredient so thin, which makes it cook easier and quicker.

Chicken Katsu Cutlet

Chicken Katsu Cutlet

Bulldog sauce was poured when this was served.

I should remind him that I need more cabbage with this amount of meat. He is good at cutting them that thin, so he wouldn’t mind cutting more! :p

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A few weeks back, my friend brought Bulldog sauce from Japan for Collin and me. That reminded Collin that we could eat Katsu (cutlet) with the sauce at home, which he loves.

He also made veggie spring rolls. Rice noodles were in them, and they were seasoned with his secret spices. Shaved cabbage was served with cutlet, as my request.

Pork Katsu Cutlet, served with veggie spring rolls, shaved cabbage, and Japanese sticky rice

Bulldog sauce hadn’t been poured when this was served, as he put it too much. ­čśŤ

Of course, I couldn’t finish this. I left one of cutlets for next day.

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When I bought European wiener on sale, I decided to make wiener & cabbage consomme soup. It is really easy to me to make.

The originally, the girl who was my roommate taught me how to make it long time ago, because I wasn’t (still isn’t) good at cooking and it was easy to make.


– Wieners, sausages or bacon
– Half of cabbage
– 1 carrot
– 1 onion
– Consomme veggie cube (or chicken or veggie stock powder)
– Salt & pepper


  1. Cut wieners into half, and score them.
  2. Cut cabbage in large chunk, cut carrot and onion in small chunk.
  3. Boil water in a pot.
  4. Once boiled, put all wieners and veggies.
  5. Put consomme cube or stock powder, when veggies are softened.
  6. When the cube is dissolved, season with salt & pepper.

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