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On a Collin’s day off, we just decided to walk before dinner and to eat out somewhere. The daytime in Summer was longer and bright, and it was nice to walk whether in the woods or not.

As he had never been to this restaurant, we chose to go. Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan serves Iranian, Indian, African food. It is a walking distance from Joyce Skytrain station.

We ordered from their regular menu. He ordered an extra garlic naan, adding to his butter chicken curry.

Butter Chicken Curry

Butter Chicken Curry at Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan in Vancouver

Naan at Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan in Vancouver

He liked this, but he preferred butter chicken to the other place on Commercial Drive.

Nyama Choma Combo & extra Garlic Naan
(1 Lamb Kebab & Kuku Choma, 2 pieces of Masai Ribs, Masala Fries, Garlic Naan, Salad & Raita)

Nyama Choma Combo at Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan in Vancouver

Garlic Naan at Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan in Vancouver

I ordered the same one last time and really liked it, so I did order again. The great thing with this plate is that you can enjoy different tastes little by little and you won’t get tired of eating.

I want to order something new next time! (I said that the last time, too. :))

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

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Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan

Address: 3219 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(1.5 block west from Joyce Street)
TEL: 604-433-5060
Facebook: page
Urbanspoon: page

[Mon – Thu] 11:00 – 22:00
[Fri – Sat] 11:00 – 23:00
[Sun, Holidays] 11:00 – 22:00
*Lunch Specials menu: Tue – Fri 11:30 – 16:30

Price Note
– Chai Tea $2.50 (Refill free)
– Butter Chicken $13.95
– Nyama Choma Combo $16.95
– Garlic Naan $2.75

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My friend was moving out her place by the end of April, so our other friends and I helped her move her stuff from the old place to the new place. After everything was done, we were planing to have dinner together. As her new place is in Burnaby, we all were not sure where to go. One of us had an idea, and he called them to make sure the direction.

We went to Red Robin. It is located in Burnaby, but it is close to Coquitlam. I have been to the one in Vancouver downtown, which is sadly gone. They serve American/Canadian food. Are burgers main? Maybe. There were lots of family and birthday group.

We ordered from their regular menu.

Bottomless Beverage Lemonade

Bottomless Beverage Lemonade at Red Robin in Burnaby

I asked the server before order if the lemonade is too sweet, and she said not too sweet. She was right. I enjoyed the sourness.

French Onion Soup (bowl)
(A freshly prepared favorite made from rich beef stock with caramelized sweet onions, topped with melted Provolone & Parmesan cheeses, served with garlic cheese bread)

French Onion Soup at Red Robin in Burnaby

My friends seem to love their French onion soup. In fact, I tasted and I liked, too.

Towering Onion Rings
(13 rings tall, sweet Spanish yellows seasoned, breaded & fresh fried, served with campfire mayo and ranch dressing for dipping)

Towering Onion Rings at Red Robin in Burnaby

Tower is a fun thing! I love onion rings, so I enjoyed some bite.

Bottomless Steak Fries

Bottomless Steak Fries at Red Robin in Burnaby

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger
(Garnished with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, pickles, red onions, mayo & Red’s pickle relish. You choose your favorite cheese:  Cheddar, Canadian Processed, Swiss, Bleu, Provolone or Pepper-Jack.)

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger at Red Robin in Burnaby

Arctic Cod Fish & Chips (Yams instead)
(Premium, icy cold water Cod filets, hand-battered in a light tempura batter and crisply-fried, served with our Bottomless Steak Fries and our original dill & pickle tartar sauce)

Arctic Cod Fish & Chips (Yams instead) at Red Robin in Burnaby

I love yam fries, too. My friend switched to yam fries at last minute! 🙂 So I was able to taste some. So good! And, bottomless? Dangerous!

Chinese Dry Ribs
(1 lb of ribs tossed in coarse salt, pepper & toasted sesame seeds, served with garlic chili sauce for dipping)

Chinese Dry Ribs at Red Robin in Burnaby

The ribs were good, too. Maybe, a bit salty? It was fine with me, as I just had some bite.

My choice, Avo-Cobb-O Salad
(Crisp mixed greens with tender grilled chicken breast, black forest ham, hard-boiled egg, avocado, black olives, ripe tomatoes and crumbled Bleu cheese, served with warm garlic cheese bread & your choice of dressing)

Avo-Cobb-O Salad at Red Robin in Burnaby

It is rare to find Cobb salad with blue cheese, so I was happy to have it. The salad was huge, and I couldn’t even finish after sharing with my friends.

I was so surprised some of their food was bottomless! Good for wallet, but bad for body?! 😀

Red Robin

(Warning: sound will start when you visit the site)

Address: 9628 Cameron Street, Burnaby, B.C. (map)
(Close to Burnaby Public Library, One block west from North Road)
TEL: 604-421-7266
Facebook: page
Twitter: @RedRobinCa
Urbanspoon: page

[Sun – Thu] 11:00 – 22:00
[Fri – Sat] 11:00 – 23:00

Price Note
– Bottomless Beverage Lemonade Unknown
– French Onion Soup $5.99
– Towering Onion Rings $9.99
– Bottomless Steak Fries Unknown
– Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger $10.29
– Arctic Cod Fish & Chips (Yams instead) $12.49
– Chinese Dry Ribs $9.69
– Avo-Cobb-O Salad $13.79

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Right after all menus for Dine Out Vancouver was revealed on the site, I told my friends to take a look at it. I picked a few where I wanted to go and discussed with them where to go. The conversation went on and on, because the site was not easy to narrow your search, unless you know where you want to go and see the menu. This restaurant wasn’t originally picked, but because one of my friends said she really liked it when she went twice in the past and also they offered the same Dine Out menu for lunch with $18, we decided to go.

Seasons in the Park is located in Queen Elizabeth Park, which is in the centre of Vancouver resident area. Although Vancouver has a lot of raining in winter, it was clear a bit on that day so that we were able to see some view of Vancouver downtown and North Shore mountains from the restaurant.

We all ordered from their Dine Out menu.

Complimentary Bread

Bread at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Butter come with Bread at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Beef Carpaccio
(Micro Basil, Pickled Beets, Truffle Aioli, Ricotta Cheese)

Beef Carpaccio at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

We all ordered the same appy. I took time to choose though, as the entree was also beef. Unfortunately, this carpaccio was a bit bland to us. I probably would have appreciated if there was more dressing or salt and pepper.

Grilled Steelhead Salmon
(Herb Salad, Braised Lentils, Double Smoked Bacon, Truffle Oil)

Grilled Steelhead Salmon at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Braised Beef Short Ribs
(Gremolata, Roasted Onions, Potato Puree)

Braised Beef Short Ribs at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Vanilla Gelato
(Amaretto Anglaise, Chilled Espresso, Biscotti)

Vanilla Gelato at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Hazelnut Chocolate Torte
(Banana Puree, Whipped Sour Cream)

Hazelnut Chocolate Torte at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Both desserts were quite sweet. I asked the server to pack half of them.

And, extra picture of view from the restaurant.

View from Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Overall, it was good food with $18. Even my friend, who liked this restaurant, wasn’t so satisfied this time. Within the same group of the company, I liked Dine Out food at The Sandbar last year more than this.

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Seasons in the Park

Address: West 33rd Avenue at Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(At Queen Elizabeth Park)
TEL: 604-874-8008
Twitter: @SeasonsInQEPark
Urbanspoon: page
Opentable: reservation?

[Mon – Sat] 11:30 – 22:00
[Sun] 10:30 – 22:00

Menu for Dine Out Vancouver

Dine Out menu at Seasons in the Park in Vancouver

Price Note
– Dine Out Vancouver 3-course $18.00 for lunch

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