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So, Collin and I spent a whole day on BC Day, hiking, having brunch, and shopping. When we got home, he prepared for dinner right away! Wow, he must have been so excited for cooking with all ingredients we got that day.

I don’t know how he does, but everything happened at the same time, and a nice meal came out.

Crispy Salmon with Dungeness Crab Fourchette Potato, avocado and Black Kale

Crispy Salmon with Dungeness Crab Fourchette Potato, Avocado and Black Kale

It looks good, doesn’t it? It tasted great, too!

I have never heard about fourchette, so I asked him. Fourchette is fork in French, and it is mashed with fork in the cooking term. This fourchette potatoes was mixed with Dungeness crab meat. So, delicious!

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Collin’s dad invited us for home-made pizza dinner one day. According to Collin, his dad got a pizza stove. How exciting! I have seen brick pizza ovens in some restaurants, but I couldn’t image how the home-type pizza stove looks like. Ta-da!

Pizza Stove

Pizza Stove

And, here pizza came out!

Home-made Pizza

Everybody thought the dough was chewy, and he said he would change the recipe next time.

Here is some Sangria to drink with.


He also made some salad and cedar plank salmon at BBQ.

Tomato Salad, BBQ Corn and BBQ Black Cod

Cedar Plank Salmon

Oh, I enjoyed the food so much!

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The last day of the Canada Day long weekend was the actual Canada Day, July 1st. Collin made some plan with his friend, so I sent a message to my mom-to-be friend before noon and asked what she was going to do that day. She replied that she was cleaning up and had an appointment for hair salon in the evening. When I told her my plan that I was thinking to go to Steveston Salmon Festival but it would be tight for her to come with me, she immediately said she would cancel the appointment! Haha. 😀

Anyways, she offered driving and picked me up in the afternoon. The traffic around the area was terrible, but we managed to park at some place, close to school, maybe? We walked from there to the festival.

The first thing we did was line up for Salmon BBQ! Well, you can’t ignore that, once you saw those BBQ’d salmon, can you?

Salmon BBQ at Steveston Salmon Festival

Salmon BBQ at Steveston Salmon Festival

Salmon BBQ at Steveston Salmon Festival

Despite the line up, it didn’t take a long time to get the plate.

Salmon BBQ at Steveston Salmon Festival

The piece of salmon was bigger than we imagined, and the taste was great. We both enjoyed. When we finished eating and walked in front of the booth, all salmon was sold out! We just made it!

Steveston Salmon Festival in Richmond

Price Note
– BBQ Salmon Plate $15.00
*Cash only

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