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Collin and I spent time on the beach in Kitsilano, and we were talking about where we can have dinner around the area. The only place where I can think of was Zakkushi on 4th, so here we were.

We ordered some Yakitori (Japanese type of skewer) first.

Momo (chicken thigh), asparagus bacon, Negi (onion) tongue.

Yakitori at Zakkushi 4th

Liver and p-toro

Yakitori at Zakkushi 4th

Tsukune set (original, Nori mayo, cheese, Ume shiso, Oropon (Oroshi ponzu))
* Ume = Japanese plum paste, Shiso = Japanese basil, Oroshi = grated Daikon radish

Tsukune set at Zakkushi 4th

And, we ordered some tapas.

Ebi mayo

Ebi mayo at Zakkushi 4th

Butashabu salad (cold salad of cooked sliced pork with poached egg)

Butashabu salad at Zakkushi 4th

And, more skewers. BBQ beef.

Yakitori at Zakkushi 4th

And, more tapas!

Agedashi tofu … a lot of mushroom on top, including Shiitake, which I don’t like.

Agedashi Tofu at Zakkushi 4th

Mentai potato croquet and rice ball
* Mentai = abbr. of Mentaiko, cod roe

Mentai potato croquet and Rice ball at Zakkushi 4th

Zakkushi on 4th (Vancouver Kitsilano)

Address: 1833 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
TEL: 604-730-9844
Twitter: @zakkushi

17:30-1:00 daily

Price Note
– Momo (chicken thigh) $1.70 per skewer
– P-toro $1.80 per skewer
– Asparagus bacon $2.40 per skewer
– Negi tongue $2.20 per skewer
– BBQ beef $1.90 per skewer
– Liver $1.70 per skewer
– Tsukune set (5 skewers) $9.70
– Ebi mayo $7.20
– Butashabu $5.80
– Agedashi tofu $5.60
– Mentai potato croquet $4.20
– Rice ball $1.60
– 2 oolong teas $4.00

### This place is closed as of June, 2013. A new restaurant opens at this location.

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