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While I was in Japan, I had planned to meet another friends from junior high school. We met up at an Izakaya in Matsudo city, called Uoichi Syouten.

Because one of my friends knew the branch manager, most of the food were prepared and served when we arrived without us ordering. Here are some of the pictures. (I forgot to take pictures of the rest, because I was too busy to talk with all of my friends, whom I hadn’t seen for years.)

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sashimi at Uoichi Syouten in Matsudo

Assorted deep-fried skewers

Assorted deep-fried skewers at Uoichi Syouten in Matsudo

Grilled fresh scallops

Grilled fresh scallops at Uoichi Syouten in Matsudo

Extra big fried prawn

Extra big fried prawn at Uoichi Syouten in Matsudo

Uoichi Syouten in Matsudo (Japanese only)

(Yousin company manages a few restaurants, and Uoichi Syouten is one of them.)

Address: 1-13 AMS building 5th floor, Honcho, Matsudo city, Chiba (map)
TEL: 047-308-3335
Twitter: @tonikaku_sakana

Menu (There are 5 tabs to see.)

16:00 – 0:00

Price Note

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