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While I was in Toyama, my uncle took me and my mom to a restaurant that is famous for handmade Udon noodles in the area. It is Konomi in Konaka area.

My mom and I ordered cold Udon noodles and a rice ball, which I thought was a set (combo) but I don’t see in the menu. :O

Cold handmade Udon noodles at Konomi in Toyama

My uncle ordered curry Donburi, which he said theirs tasted differently from curry rice in the other places and liked it.

Curry Donburi at Konomi in Toyama

And, extra pictures, their open kitchen.

Open kitchen at Konomi in Toyama Open kitchen at Konomi in Toyama

Teuchi Udon Konomi in Konaka (このみ小中店)

Address: 91-3 Konaka , Toyama city, Toyama (map)
TEL: 076-429-5258

Menu here

Menu at Konomi in Toyama Menu at Konomi in Toyama

[Mon] 11:00 – 14:00
[Wed – Sun] 11:00 – 19:00

Price Note
– Cold Udon noodles + rice ball Unknown
– Curry Donburi 580 yen

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My mom and I stayed at Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu, and the package of the accommodation included in breakfast. We had two choices, Japanese style or western style. We chose Japanese style on that day, which was served at Kaiseki Matsuya in the hotel.

Kaiseki is, to put it briefly, a Japanese traditional course dinner. They served food on the tray.

Breakfast box at Kaiseki Matsuya in Toyama

Top, from the left, squid Sashimi, cooked prawn & cooked rolled egg, simmered fish cake, and simmered Daikon, carrot & fried Tofu.
Middle, from the left, Japanese vegetable pickles, Tofu in Dashi sauce, and grilled salmon.
Bottom, from the left, rice, Miso soup, Natto (fermented soy beans), and Nori seaweed.

Kaiseki Matsuya in Tokyu Hotel (懐石 松や) (Japanese only)

Address: CIC building 15th Floor, 1 chome Shintomi-cho, Toyama city, Toyama (map)
TEL: 076-432-8282

6:45 – 10:00
11:30 – 14:00
17:00 – 21:00

Price Note
– Breakfast added to the accommodation package

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While I was in Japan, my uncle took me, my mom, and my grandma to Himi city in Toyama. Himi is famous for Buri (yellowtail), Udon noodle, Gyu (beef), etc.

We drove around, starting Toyama city, when he was trying to find a place where serves special food in his area to us, and we ended up arriving Himi city. After asking a couple of places, we found a place, Jyoyama (城山).

Jyoyama is a Japanese style of lodge that provides bed (Futon) and meals, but they also accept people just for meals. Their web site says that they don’t have a regular menu and that they do make a menu by using best ingredient of the season and looking at fish in the morning, which is unloaded from a ship .

They serve plate by plate when it’s ready, by placing in a certain position of the table, instead of putting in the center in front of you. These dishes below are served per person.

Amuse-bouche-like dish: 3 kinds of small taste; marinated Ikura (salmon roe), Tofu with Uni (sea urchin) sauce, shellfish in vinegar (I think.)

3 kinds (marinated Ikura, Tufu with Uni sauce, shellfish in vinegar) at Jyoyama in Himi

Kani (Queen/Snow Crab) and dip sauce

Kani (crab) and sauce at Jyoyama in Himi

Kani (crab) in sauce at Jyoyama in Himi

Appetizer-like dish: Trout sushi, Baigai (a shellfish), and sweet potato mush
A bright sheet on the top of the sushi is made of Konbu (Kelp), I believe.

Trout sushi, Baigai (a shellfish), and sweet potato mush at Jyoyama in Himi


Sashimi at Jyoyama in Himi

Grilled fish: Madai (Red sea bream)

Grilled fish Madai (red sea bream) at Jyoyama in Himi

Chawan-mushi (Savory steamed egg custard in cup)

Chawan-mushi (savory steamed egg custard) at Jyoyama in Himi

Seafood Gratin

Seafood gratin at Jyoyama in Himi

Fried fish (I can’t remember what kind of fish it was)
You can eat whole fish, including bone.

Fried fish at Jyoyama in Himi

Himi Gyu & Udon Sukiyaki Nabe (Himi beef hotpot)

Himi Gyu & Udon Sukiyaki Nabe at Jyoyama in Himi

Cooked rice and Miso soup

Cooked rice & Miso soup at Jyoyama in Himi

Cooked rice at Jyoyama in Himi

Dessert: melon

Dessert melon at Jyoyama in Himi

And, extra picture. View of Toyama Bay in front of the place.

Toyama Bay view in front of Jyoyama in Himi
Jyoyama (城山) (Japanese only)

Address: 527 Ao, Himi city, Toyama (map)
TEL: 0766-72-1431

Menu sample

Lunch/Dinner Hours is unknown

Price Note
– Daily 5000-yen course

There are 3 daily courses, 5000-yen, 6000-yen, and 8000-yen.
Also, there are weekday-special courses, 3000-yen and 3800 yen.
Staying with two meals is also available.

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