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While I was in Japan, I went to Shin-Osaka to meet another friend, who was my senior at school and whom I hadn’t seen for over 20 years! :O

As I only had a couple of hours by the time of my train, she took me an Izakaya in Shin-Osaka station. Osaka is famous for Kushi-yaki or Kushi-katsu, and this place served those. It is deep-fried skewer, e.g., cutlet in a skewer, breaded prawn in a skewer.

She ordered for us. First, this was new to me. Chicken Tataki (RAW chicken!)

Chicken Tataki at Kushiya in Shin-Osaka

Next, of course, Kushi-yaki. Unfortunately I can’t remember what was inside each. (Since each one is breaded, you can’t tell what it is…)

Breaded food in skewers at Kushiya in Shin-Osaka

And, there are some additional skewers that we ordered more.

Breaded food in skewers at Kushiya in Shin-Osaka

Kushiya (串かつ居酒屋 串や)

Address: Shin-Osaka station 1st Floor Aji no Komichi (map: click 1st item on the right side navigation, and No.6 on the map is the one)
TEL: 06-6886-0948

11:00 – 14:30
16:00 – 22:00

Price Note

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