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While I was in Japan, I had planned to meet my friends from high school. They are all housewives, and some work part time or full time, but we somehow managed to meet up. Because some friend brought her kids with her, we decided to go to a family restaurant, Coco’s. They have kids menu and drink bar.

I ordered a premium combo set, one main dish, one side dish, and drink bar.

My main dish, Carbonara soup spaghetti.

Carbonara soup spaghetti at Coco's in Ibaragi

My side dish, rich cream potage soup.

Rich cream potage soup at Coco's in Ibaragi

My friends ordered beef hamburg steak. There is a small round Teppan plate on the plate that you can grill each bite.

Beef hamburg steak at Coco's in Ibaragi

Beef hamburg steak at Coco's in Ibaragi

And, kids ordered pancakes with jelly. It came with a crayon-like-tube filled with chocolate that they can write on or decorate pancakes. See what one of the kids did. It is an animation character, Doraemon.

Kids food, pancake at Coco's in Ibaragi

Coco’s (ココス) (Japanese only)

Address: many locations (search)

Various depending on a location, some place opens 24 hours.

Price Note
– Carbonara soup spaghetti 880 yen
– Premium set (one side dish & drink bar) 500 yen
– Beef hamburg steak 571 yen
– Combo set C (one side dish & drink bar) 360 yen
– Kid’s pancake 380 yen
* There are 5 various set menu, but the side dish that you can choose would be different and the set might not be available to combine depending on your main dish.

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