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While I was in Japan, I found this casual Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall. I was hungry and it looked like new, I just walked in. The name was Fukutai Chubou (福泰厨房), and a company opens a lot of family branches with various name per different purpose.

I ordered a lunch set that came with Ramen (noodles), small fried rice, Zhacai, and almond pudding.

Ramen, fried rice set at Fukutai Chubou in Chiba

Fukutai Chubou (福泰厨房)

(Matsuyama Shoji Corporation manages a lot of restaurants, and Fukutai Chubou is one of them.)

Address: Abiko shopping plaza 1st floor, 4-11-1, Abiko, Abiko city, Chiba (map)
TEL: 04-7157-1890

11:00 – 21:45

Price Note
– Lunch set (Ramen noodle, Fried rice, and Almond pudding) Unknown


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My parents told me that there was a good Kaiten Sushi restaurant providing fresh fish from Tsukiji in neighbor and that they went there almost every week. :O

At Kaiten sushi restaurant, you serve tea yourself, pouring from the tap in front of you at the table, and sushi plates are on the conveyor bent, so you can either take some from it or order a new one.

Kaiten sushi, Sushi-sei

Kaiten sushi, Sushi-sei

Each plate indicates the cost; this restaurant had three levels, 260-yen plate, 320-yen plate, and 400-yen plate. In addition, there are some special plates that are more expensive ones.

Kaiten sushi, Sushi-sei

Here are sushi plates that I ate. Don’t be surprise how much I did, I mean, I was surprised by looking at the pictures! 😀

Shima Aji (White Trevalley)

Shima Aji at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Aji-no-Tataki (Chopped Horse Mackerel)

Aji-no-Tataki at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Sanma (Pacific Saury)

Sanma at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Ikura (Salmon roe)

Ikura (Salmon roe) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Kani (Crab meat)

Kani (Crab meat) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Hotate (Scallop)

Hotate (Scallop) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Amaebi (Sweet prawn)

Amaebi (Sweet prawn) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

O-Toro (Fatty Tuna) comes with only one Kan (Nigiri)

O-Toro (Fatty tuna) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Fresh Hotate (Scallop) unloaded from a ship in the morning on that day

Fresh Hotate (Scallop) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Duke Maguro (Marinated Tuna)

Duke Maguro (Marinated Tuna) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Whole Anago (Sea eel)

Whole Anago (Sea eel) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Tai Yuzu Shio (Sea Bream with Yuzu & salt)

Tai Yuzu Shio (Sea Bream with Yuzu & salt) at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Hahaha. I ate too much…

These are plates that we all ate, and see what they were doing with a machine?
Each plate is attached to a chip at the backside the plate, and this machine automatically calculates how much we have to pay by holding it over plates. A Japanese technology?!

Plates calculated by a machine at Sushi-sei in Chiba

Sushi-sei (すし勢) (Japanese only)

Address: a few locations (view)

Various depending on a location, but mostly 11:00 – 22:00

Price Note
– Shima Aji (White Trevalley) 400 yen
– Aji-no-Tataki (Chopped Horse Mackerel) 220 yen
– Sanma (Pacific Saury) 260 yen
– Ikura (Salmon roe) 320 yen
– Kani (Crab meat) 400 yen
– Hotate (Scallop) 180 yen
– Amaebi (Sweet prawn) 180 yen
– O-Toro (Fatty Tuna) 320 yen
– Fresh Hotate (Scallop) 580 yen
– Duke Maguro (Marinated Tuna) 220 yen
– Whole Anago (Sea eel) 400 yen
– Tai Yuzu Shio (Sea Bream with Yuzu & salt) Unknown

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While I was in Japan, my parents took me to a restaurant where they really loved their food, especially, Gyoza (dumping). The restaurant name is Benitora Gyoza Bo (紅虎餃子房) located in Kashiwa city, Chiba. There are many locations in Tokyo and the suburbs as well.

We ordered their famous Tetsunabe (鉄鍋; iron pot) Bo (棒; bar) Gyoza and recommended fried rice with shrimp, seafood, and lettuce.
Teppan Bo Gyoza at Benitora Gyoza Bo
Shrimp, seafood, lettuce Fried Rice at Benitora Gyoza Bo

And, extra pictures of the restaurant.

Benitora Gyoza Bo Benitora Gyoza Bo

Benitora Gyoza Bo (紅虎餃子房)

(Kiwa Corporation manages a lot of restaurant franchised, and Benitora Gyoza Bo is one of them.)

In many locations: select areas (Japanese only)
Menu sample: here (Japanese only)
Twitter: @kiwa_info

Price Note
– Tetsunabe Bo Gyoza (of 5) 520 yen
– Shrimp, seafood, lettuce fried rice 1,380 yen

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