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For the first weekend brunch this year, we tried a famous brunch place. As we expected, there were a few people waiting. As Collin had to go to work soon later, we looked for another place. While we were walking towards Robson and Burrard, I asked him if this restaurant was OK.

Earls is a chain restaurant in Canada and some places in USA. As far as I know, they used to serve all western food, but it has been changed time to time, and now you can even see Sushi in the menu. The restaurant is in multiple locations, and the place where we went is located at the corner of Hornby and Smithe Street.

We ordered from their brunch menu.


Croque Madame
(Virginia Ham, White Cheddar, Roasted Serrano Cream, House Sourdough)

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

He asked the server the sauce on side for me, because he said it would be spicy, based on the description of the sauce. It was nice of him.

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Croque Madame at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Whoa, I just saw what I didn’t want to see. I looked at their nutritional info on their site, and this croque madame is over 1,300 calories! Yet, it was sooo good! I liked the bread, crispy crust and soft inside.

The sandwich board outside showed French toast, which looks good. I would try that next time.

(Picture taken by iPhone)

Earls on Hornby

Address: 905 Hornby Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(At the corner of Smithe Street)
TEL: 604-682-6700
Facebook: page (Earls in general: page)
Twitter: @EarlsHornby (Earls in general: @earlsrestaurant)
Urbanspoon: page

[Sun – Thu] 11:30 – 0:00
[Fri – Sat] 11:30 – 1:00


Brunch Menu at Earls on Hornby in Vancouver

Price Note
– Coffee $3.10
– Croque Madame $13.00

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Still about last year. Collin and I usually go to his dad’s house for Christmas dinner on the Christmas Eve, so the Christmas Day is a quiet day. We talked about next day what we were going to, as there would be so many people outside because of the Boxing Day. I looked at the site and found out we could have afternoon tea as a lunch special price, since it was a weekday. Yep, I made a reservation.

The Urban Tea Merchant is located in downtown Vancouver. You can access from either Georgia Street or Alberni Street. It is a tea store, but they serve lunch or dessert, in addition to afternoon tea. The lunch special includes a pot of tea.

Sample Tea

Sample Tea at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

French Earl Grey Tea

French Earl Grey Tea at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

I chose this, and Collin chose Weekend in Shanghai tea.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

This is Petite Afternoon Tea, so it’s a mini size. It was served per person. Some fruits on top, scone in the middle, and some deli at the bottom.

Afternoon Tea Bottom Tier

Afternoon Tea Bottom Tier at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

There were three kinds of sandwiches and one cone. Cucumber & watercress tea sandwich, Indian Night curried egg salad sandwich, Lapsang Souching Tea chicken cone, and glazed ham with peppered piperade. I liked all, but we both really liked this chicken cone.

Afternoon Tea Middle Tier

Afternoon Tea Middle Tier at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

On the middle tier, a scone was served with creme & tea-infused jelly. The scone was warm and good. I don’t remember if I did smell tea infusion from the jelly.

Afternoon Tea Top Tier

Afternoon Tea Top Tier at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

At the top tier, Red Christmas Tea fruit pate, chevron strawberry, and seasonal fruit. As seasonal fruit, raspberry, blackberry, starfruit, and pineapple. The fruit pate was quite chewy.

Although it was mini, it was a enough potion to fill our stomach in the morning on a lazy day. We definitely want to try another option, including just regular lunch or dessert.

The Urban Tea Merchant

Address: 1070 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Between Burrard and Thurlow street)
TEL: 604-692-0071
Facebook: page
Twitter: @urban_tea
Urbanspoon: page
Opentable: reservation?

Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch/Dessert/Afternoon Tea
[Sun – Wed] 10:00 – 19:00
[Thu – Sat] 10:00 – 20:00

Petite Afternoon Tea Menu

Petite Afternoon Tea Menu at The Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver

Price Note
– Lunch Special (Petite Afternoon Tea) $20.00 per person

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After I got some dessert from the donuts shop, I met up with Collin. Although it was a weekend, he finished his shift earlier and he said he was starving, so we decided to go somewhere close to where we were. Since he was starving, we skipped the restaurants that serve light meals.

We ended up going in Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard Street. It is across from the Burrard Skytrain station. They have various dishes in the menu.

We ordered from their regular menu.

Szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(Local Chicken, Sweet and Spicy Szechuan glaze, Peanuts, Wontons, Korean Chili Sauce, Spicy Yogurt)

Szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

This was his choice. I had some bite and liked it, although it was quite spicy. He loved this and said it was addictive. 🙂

Wor Wonton Soup
(BBQ Pork, Peking Duck Broth, Lemongrass and BBQ Pork Wontons, Asian Noodles, Baby corn, Mixed Vegetables)

Wor Wonton Soup at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

He also ordered this. The broth was really salty to me, so he can’t even drink much.

Fish Tacos
(Ocean wise Lingcod, Chipotle Aioli, Shredded Green Cabbage, Salsa Fresca)

Fish Tacos at Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

This was my choice, as I read a blog post saying it tasted so good. Yeah, I liked this. There was fried fish in the taco. As dinner, it might be small, though.

(All pictures taken by iPhone)

Want to see more pictures for this restaurant? click here.

Cactus Club Cafe on Burrard

Address: 588 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Close to Burrard Skytrain station)
TEL: 604-682-0933
Facebook: page or this branch one’s
Twitter: @cactusclubcafe
Urbanspoon: page

11:00 – late daily

Price Note
– Szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps $15.00
– Wor Wonton Soup $10.50
– Fish Tacos $14.00

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