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Spring cleaning seems common here in Canada, but a big cleaning up before the end of the year is my thing from my culture, and it is a big work, not only regular cleaning like vacuuming or cleaning bath and washroom, but also blinds, windows, fridge, cupboard, etc. I read a blog post that she was saying one place at a day! Oh, that I can try. So, I started from November little by little.

To organize cupboards, I wanted to buy some organizers and went to Daiso (Japanese Dollar shop) in Richmond. Anyways, thinking about how I wanted to organize or if the size was right, I was exhausted. To take a rest, I went to the food court in Aberdeen Centre where Daiso was.

There were lots of choices. You can go for some small savory food, or dessert. I chose Mazazu Crepe. The original shop is in Japan, and it is franchised in many countries. As name indicates, it is a creperie. You can see some samples in the showcase.

Mazazu Crepe in Richmond

I ordered from their huge menu.

Choco Strawberry Soft Ice Cream (#36)

Choco Strawberry Soft Ice Cream at Mazazu Crepe in Richmond

Choco Strawberry Soft Ice Cream at Mazazu Crepe in Richmond

Look, how big it was! When it handed to me, my eyes were just rolling. 😀 I just wanted to have some sweets, that’s all. As I went there alone, I had to eat them all myself. Whipped cream, strawberries were inside, and soft ice cream was on top with chocolate sauce. I liked it, but next time I want to share with someone. 🙂

And, a picture of the restaurant exterior.

Mazazu Crepe in Richmond

Before I headed to Aberdeen Centre, the sunset was beautiful at the Canada Line station.

Sunset at Richmond

(Pictures taken by iPhone)

Mazazu Crepe

Address: #3110 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C. (map)
(In the food court at the third floor of the Aberdeen Center)
TEL: 604-295-9359
Facebook: page
Urbanspoon: page

Store Hour
[Mon – Wed] 11:00 – 19:00
[Thu – Sat] 11:00 – 21:00
[Sun, Holiday] 11:00 – 19:00


Menu at Mazazu Crepe in Richmond Menu at Mazazu Crepe in Richmond

Price Note
– Choco Strawberry Soft Ice Cream (#36) $5.13


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My friend and I were at Steveston for the Salmon Festival and got us to cool down at the cafe. After we left the cafe, we went back to the place where we parked her car. By the time we got to the car, it was getting dark and we were talking about dinner. As I’m not familiar with Richmond, she suggested some places and I chose one. However, when we arrived the restaurant, it wasn’t open. So, she was thinking about somewhere else.

We headed to Seto Japanese Restaurant. It is on Alexandra street, located between Garden City Road and No 3 Road. We drove in the area, so I’m not sure about the exact location, but it looks like you can walk from Canada Line Lansdowne station. They serve authenticated Japanese food that their website says.

We ordered from their dinner menu.

Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Vegetable Tempura
(10 pieces)

Vegetable Tempura at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Ika Karaage
(Deep-fried Squid, Geso)

Ika Karaage (Geso) at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

It was getting greasy eating at the same time as Tempura, I was happy to have them!

Unagi Roll
(Grilled Eel)

Unagi Roll at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Umeshiso Roll
(Pickled Plum & Shiso)

Umeshiso Roll at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

The combination of pickled Japanese plum and Shiso leaf always helps refreshing our mouths.

Nigiri Sushi (Aji & Uni)

Aji Nigiri Sushi at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond Uni Nigiri Sushi at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Regular Spider Roll
(Soft Shell Crab Roll)

Regular Spider Roll at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

This tasted good, but by the time when we got this, we were full by the other Sushi and fried food. We should have ordered less at the beginning.

Well, dessert is always for a different stomach, right? :p Once we settled our stomach, we had this Japanese confections.

Cream Mitsumame with Green Tea Ice Cream

Cream Mitsumame with Green Tea Ice Cream at Seto Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

This should be called Anmitsu rather than Mitsumame. “An” for Anmitsu indicates pasted red beans. “Mitsu” is brown sugar syrup. “Ma-me” is beans. Anyways, you can refer to this.

Overall, the food was not bad, although we had heard some rumor that their food wasn’t good.

Note that the pricing seems up since, as far as I saw their website.

Seto Japanese Restaurant

Address: #155 – 8460 Alexandra Road, Richmond, B.C. (map)
(Close to Kwantlen Street)
TEL: 604-231-9493
Urbanspoon: page

Lunch/ Dinner
[Mon, Wed – Sun] 11:30 – 14:30, 17:30 – 22: 00
*Closed: Tuesdays

Price Note
– Seafood Salad $8.00
– Vegetable Tempura $7.50
– Ika Karaage (Geso) $8.00
– Unagi Roll $3.50
– Umeshiso Roll $2.75
– Aji Nigiri Sushi $3.25
– Uni Nigiri Sushi $3.25
– Regular Spider Roll $12.00
– Cream Mitsumame $5.00 each

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It was a hot day on Canada Day. My friend and I left the salmon festival after we had BBQ’d salmon, and we walked toward the Steveston Harbour. There were a few ships docked near the harbour and lots of people going in. There were also a lot of people walking around the pier and fisherman’s boats or having food at restaurants nearby.

We walked for one hour or so, and I was tired by the heat from the sunshine and thought that my mom-to-be friend must need some rest more than I do. Using our final strength, we found a café where we finally seemed to sit down, which was Steveston Coffee, close from Steveston Harbour Pier.

Steveston Coffee is a small café that there are only 2 tables. They server sandwiches or baked stuff, too.

We ordered from their cold drink.

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie at Steveston Coffee Co. in Steveston

My friend probably ordered mango peach. No picture because it was too hot and we were so thirsty to take a picture before drinking. 🙂 We were sitting at the cafe over one hour even after their closing time! The staff was nice, cleaning quietly and not letting us know it was passed the time.

And, here is a picture of the restaurant exterior.

Steveston Coffee Co. in Steveston

They have their own coffee made, so I would like to try, and maybe buy some beans next time.

Steveston Coffee

Address: #110 – 3511 Moncton Street, Steveston Village, Richmond, B.C. (map)
(A few meters east from Third Avenue)
TEL: 604-275-1983
Facebook: page
Twitter: @StevestonCo1997
Urbanspoon: page

Store Hour
8:00 – 17:30 daily


Menu at Steveston Coffee Co. in Steveston

Price Note
– Strawberry Smoothie around $4.00
*Cash only

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