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Like previous year, Mochitsuki was held in Nikkei Centre on Dec 29. It was on weekend, so I was able to go there again. I invited two of my friends, who had never been to the event. Mochitsuki is an event at the end of year that we pound Mochi rice in an Usu by Kine, to prepare to eat them on New Year’s Day.

We watched Taiko (Japanese drum) performances first and Mochitsuki after that. For Mochitsuki, if you would like to try, you can. Talk to the organizer at the event and get a ticket that a number is written. And they will call the number when your turn comes.

We actually ate fresh Mochi before Mochitsuki performance started. There were three fresh rice cakes in each plate. The black sheets are Nori seaweed, and condiments were prepared on the table.

Condiments for Mochi
(Kinako (soy bean powder), Grated Daikon radish, Soy sauce, Sugar, Nori seaweed, Ginger, and Negi (green onion))

They were selling Mochi and Manju to go, like previous year. I bought one frozen Mochi package (9 Mochi) and one Manju package (2 Mochi with red bean paste, 1 Dorayaki, and 3 Manju).

There were more selling, Onigiri (rice ball), Inari (rice in bean curd case), Gyoza…

Want to see more pictures in the past year? click here.

Nikkei Centre in Burnaby

Price Note
– Mochi plate $2.50
– Frozen Mochi package 450g $6.00
– Manju package $6.00

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I went to see a doctor in North Vancouver, and it was almost noon when I came back to downtown Vancouver. I decided to pick up some Bento box for lunch and some other deli for dinner from Fujiya Japanese grocery store. There are several locations, and the one in downtown is on Pender street.

As I mentioned in the past, Japanese Bento box is great for nutrition-wise that you can consume a lot of ingredients with well-balance. This Bento box include about 15 different ingredients, not including seasoning.

Gindara Kama Bento

Gindara Kama Bento from Fujiya in Vancouver

Gindara Kama Bento from Fujiya in Vancouver

Kama is a part of fish collar where fish moves the muscle a lot. It is really tender.

Corn Cream Croquette

Corn Cream Croquette from Fujiya in Vancouver

Corn Cream Croquette from Fujiya in Vancouver

Spinach Gomaae

Spinach Gomaae from Fujiya in Vancouver


Want to see more pictures for this store? click here.

Fujiya Downtown

Address: #112-1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Close to Quisno’s)
TEL: 604-608-1050

[Mon – Fri] 10:00 – 18:00

Price Note
– Gindara Kama Bento $5.95
– Corn Cream Croquette $2.95
– Spinach Gomaae $1.75

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I saw fried dumpling ($3.50 for 6) at T&T supermarket in Metrotown and bought them. I didn’t know how the taste was like, so I asked to mix two kinds: chicken and pork.

Fried Chicken and Pork Dumpling (left: chicken, right: pork)

Chicken ones taste more similar to Japanese Gyoza taste.

T&T Supermarket

Address: 147 – 4800 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. (map)
(Metropolis at Metrotown)
TEL: 604-436-4881

9:00 – 22:00 daily

Price Note
– Fried dumpling 6 pcs $3.50

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